Troubleshooting the OCM

So, you have started the OCM and you are having an issue. Never fear, I am here to help. There are many things that can contribute to the effectiveness of the OCM for you.

There are a few issues that are common concerns I hear from people when it comes to the OCM. Please feel free to comment and I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. - These tips are assuming that you are using my Hemp Cleansing Oil. If you are using another oil or brand, there may be other issues.

1. I am having breakouts or whiteheads.

There are a few things to consider here. First, be sure you are removing all of the oil from your face when you cleanse. It is tempting to leave oil on your skin because it feels so good, but don't do it. Your face should feel soft and clean, never oily when you finish. If you find it hard to remove all the oil when you cleanse, try using a little less oil.

The second common cause is not exfoliating. The microfiber (which should be washed at least every other time you use it by hand, but I suggest a clean one for every day) does exfoliate to an extent, but I find that using a secondary exfoliator really helps. I offer two in my store. The Daily Detox Honey and Jojoba cleanser is great for all skin types, and is super gentle. I also have Cleansing Grains, a powdered exfoliator that you add water to and make a paste. Both are good options for daily exfoliation.

You may also consider picking up the Clay or Mud mask. The only difference between the two is shelf life. The Clay mask is dry, and so has a longer shelf life. Either mask makes a good addition to your routine. They draw out impurities, as well as absorb any excess oil in your pores. The cleansing oil softens the gook, but you still need to remove it from your skin. If you are having trouble with whiteheads, you definitely need a mask.

Are you using chemical products on your face or hair? Many times, you are using a product from another line or makeup that is clogging your pores. Try just using Cleansing Oil, Witch Hazel, and 100% Hemp as your moisturizer for two weeks and see if that makes a difference. I also suggest using Castile Soap and ACV to wash your hair for this time.

Last, I want you to consider what you are eating. Increase the amount of water, fruits, and veggies you take in. Be sure you are getting enough Omega Fatty Acids, as this contributes directly to the texture of the sebum (oil your body produces.) I suggest taking Hemp Seed Oil internally as well, as it has a perfect balance of Omega Fatty Acids. Also, consider your hormonal cycle, and pay attention to if breakouts are around that time.

2. I am having trouble with dry spots or flakiness.

You may just be over-cleansing. You really only need to oil cleanse once a day. Also be sure you are using an exfoliator as well as a moisturizer. Check out my Cold Cream. You may also need a mix of cleansing oil that has some heavier oils, please message me for advice.

3. My skin is oily.

Be sure that you are only using Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Grains to clean your face. Do not use soaps or foaming washes on your face. Keep up a regular oil cleansing routine and be sure to moisturize very well at night. Chances are you skin is dry and crying for help.

If your skin is still oily after a month of oil cleansing, we may want to consider an oil-control moisturizer with Kaolin Clay and Arrowroot starch.

4. My skin is dry.

You may be cleansing too much or using your mask too often. Reduce to oil cleansing once a day, preferably at night. Be sure to follow with toner and moisturizer. You should be using my Rose Hydrosol, as it is super moisturizing. Also, make sure you are using a night cream. My Cold Cream or Face Butter are great options.

If you are struggling with breakouts, i encourage you to get my Acne Serum. Its like the best stuff on earth, and will help your skin, no matter what condition.


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