The First Week of Oil Cleansing - The Purge

Yes, that title is scary. No, the OCM does not have to be scary, as long as you know what to expect. This my love, is what to expect.

There is a period of time where your skin is going to actively "purge" itself. This should be whiteheads, but should not look red or be painful. It may look unpleasant, but not feel unpleasant, if that makes sense. 

Some people do not have this happen at all, and some people it lasts a week or two. What is going on, is that the Linoleic Acid in the Hemp Seed Oil is making the blockage in your pores more fluid. As you cleanse, and massage the oil in, then use the warm cloth, it is bringing all the gook to the surface. Gross, I know. 

It is important during this time to stick to your routine, and do not use other facial cleansers or products. You want to let your skin get used to the new routine. If it is a lot of white heads, only cleanse in the evening, and be sure to use a toner (Witch Hazel is ideal.) If you have a clay mask, you can use that every 2-3 days to speed the process along.  - My Acne Serum will also ease you through this period. 

Just keep in mind how many products you have used in your lifetime that were not plant oils, and be patient, as mother nature does her work. 

I know this phase can be scary, but as long as you are not in pain, or showing signs of allergy, stay the course :) 

I am happy to look at pictures, answer questions, and whatever else you need. 



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