Bath Salts and Bath Bombs - A Convert's Story

I have never been much of a bath person. Since I can remember, I have always loved taking showers. I never saw any point in sitting there soaking for an hour when you could get in and out of the shower way faster. My business has forced me to take another look at the bath situation. Companies like LUSH are known for their Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars, products specifically for the bath. I have been considering adding some bath options to my line recently. I didn't want to make something that just smelled good, or looked pretty in the bath. Like all my other products, this line also had to have therapeutic properties as well.

I have been toying with the idea of bath salts or some kind of bath soak for a few weeks. I kept meaning to make up a test batch, but found myself out of time more often than not. The past few weeks have been particularly hectic and busy. I have been on my computer for hours each day working on my Etsy listings, talking with customers, and the never-ending research that comes with product development. I have been sleeping less and working more. Working on the computer in particular is very stressful on the body. You are just sitting in one spot for hours on end, fingers on the keyboard or mouse, and probably sitting with atrocious posture.

I was recently asked to make a muscle rub for a customer. This got me thinking about how much my back has been hurting recently. I realised that my poor back has been tight and sore for a few weeks, and I have been neglecting myself. With this realisation came another, I have everything I need to make an epic spa-like bath soak right here at the house. The idea of sitting and soaking in a relaxing bath for an hour seemed far less time-wasting, and much more like a little retreat from the stress of my day.

So, I got to mixing, chose Lavender and Peppermint Essential oils, added a little Coconut Oil and a few different types of salt. I was really not expecting to feel a lot better. I rant the hot water, poured the mixture in, and got to soaking. Maybe it was the act of sitting and breathing in the sweet smell of Lavender and Peppermint, or the amazing tingle as I sat and relaxed, but I am now a bath person. I am also a bath product person, and way excited about coming up with some products.

My back feels better, my skin is soft, and I feel much more relaxed. As soon as I get some bulk quanties of ingriedients, you guys are in for a real treat :)


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