Early March Update - Improved Shampoo and

It has been a very busy month for Bear's Beauty. Thanks to some friends who came and helped me prepare my large order for Homegrown Decatur, I was able to get everything done and in the store. Now that my products are in the store, it is just a waiting game to see how things move off the shelves. It is minorly nerve-racking, but I really feel like this store is a perfect place to showcase my items. Ideally, after June, I will be working there a few days a month and people can come see me at the store.

Getting everything ready for the store was a great learning experience, and let me see just what it will require to keep up with the increasing demand for my products. I have also been approached by a monthly subscription box for hemp-based products, and am so excited about pursuing an opportunity with them. It makes me so happy to see that people are responding so well to my products.

I have also been trying to do as many charity events as possible. It is tough to do everything that I would like to do at this point. It is my goal, long-term, to be able to help out as many charities as possible. Operation Paws for Homes has recently asked me to donate some product to help their cause. Please go check out their page. www.facebook.com/Operationpawsforhomes - They are a great group and doing a lot to help out furry friends. I will be donating a few items to their store this month.

I also sent some samples out to a group in Canada.  www.facebook.com/SacredPregnancyBurlingtonOntario - www.sacredpregnancy.com - Alyssa, who runs the group is sweet as peaches and has a real passion for Mammas and Babies. Please visit their page to learn more.

People are my passion, and the reason that I started this business. I am so blessed to have already been able to spread some joy to those I love. Most of my friends and family are using my products, and loving their results. I feel like part of my mission is telling people about the toxic chemicals in their products, protecting them, as well as their children. A great injustice has been done us, we cannot undo all the damage, but we can fight back.

No more baby oil filled with petrochemicals that can mess with your baby's hormones, and even ability to have children. No more perfume that gives you migraines daily, for which you take pills that damage your liver. No more makeup that makes your skin worse and encourages you to use more product. No more products promising to help, but only making the issue worse. No more dishonest ingredient lists. No more lies. It is my goal to teach people to expect honest, safe, and effective products.

***Steps down from soapbox.***

I am working on some new products, and almost done with my Coconut Shampoo. You guys are going to love this stuff, my hair is so soft and shiny...and I know exactly what is in my shampoo. Its awesome! I have been getting requests for makeup since day one, and am happy to announce that I will soon be releasing a tinted Beauty Balm. I can't wait to start developing more color and makeup products.



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