Body Acne Solution

Since I first created my Healing Whip for Eczema, it has been one of my most popular products. This particular cream is a special blend of Essential Oils in a base of Coconut Oil. I made this product for large body application. Through using it myself, and customer's testimonials, I know it works wonders for Eczema as well as Body Acne.

Now, lets talk a little about "body acne." When most people talk about "body acne" it entails a few key areas. Most people complain about breakouts on their back, legs, thighs, and chest. I have been asked probably 50 times since I started this business last year about "body acne." What I have come to find out is that many people also suffer from breakouts on their, ahem, posterior. Yup, that's right, butt acne. I know it is not a glamorous or even pleasant topic, but it is a very real one. Breakouts on your bum, back, and thighs are especially embarrassing as we get close to summer.

I wanted to come up with a comprehensive, fast acting, and totally natural solution for body acne (with a big focus on bum acne.) I already knew that I wanted to use my Healing Whip as part of the set. The properties of Coconut are indispensable when dealing with bacterial issues on the skin surface.

I started my research with the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) in mind. I wanted to come up with a way for customers to cleanse the effected area with oil and then a treatment.detox product to go along with the cleansing. I scoured the internet for ideas, blogs, vlogs, articles, and medical journals on the subject. I tried all kinds of concoctions; from lemon juice (ouch!) to commercial dandruff shampoo. Through the testing, some ingredients stood out. I took these stars and put them together in a cohesive treatment system.

The main issue with bum acne is hair follicles becoming damaged. Through tight clothing, synthetic fabrics, and sweat hair follicles are damaged and bacteria is able to get inside the follicle. This then becomes either a small inflamed bump, or an almost boil-like sore. This can compound over years and become a chronic

My new Body Acne Care Set was made to take care of these issues and help your body heal itself.

I have come up with a four part system that makes a difference in your skin the first time you use it.

It is a combination of a special Cream Oil Body Cleanser, Treatment Mask and Scrub, Exfoliating Gloves,  Healing Treatment Spray, and a Healing Whip. I will be listing this set very soon on my Etsy.

If you struggle with body acne, bum acne, or breakouts of any kind... get ready for something amazing! Preliminary testing has been amazing, and results have been more than expected. My hope is to have it up and ready to sell by the end of the month.

Please feel free to message me about my Body Acne Treatment Kit, however, if you are interested.


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