Tueday Update

I have finally made a packaging decision on the Shampoo and Conditioner. Now that I have formulas for both that I love, I really want to get the product into your hands as fast as possible. I spent the last two day researching PET plastics. Even the strictest companies and countries recognize them as safe. I am not about to switch my products over to glass, but I will concede PET plastic is superior when it comes to safety and durability. My other products are all items that can be dispensed into the hands, and then set aside while you use them. My Shampoo and Conditioner, however, is formulated to be pumped directly onto your roots and scalp. I just feel that this is dangerous for a glass bottle.

That being said, I am totally confident that you guys are going to love my shampoo, as well as the easier to use PET plastic bottles. The first round of Shampoo and Conditioning rinse is going to be sold as a Duo, and the bottles will not have a pump. It had been my intention to wait until I had ideal bottles, but my customers are chomping at the bit! It seems that once you start going green, you can't stop :)

Most of my items will be undergoing a packaging change over the next six months, it is my goal to have everything in final packaging and labels before Christmas. The start of this transition is switching over to Amber glass bottles, instead of clear. The amber color of the glass will help protect the precious oils and essential oils from harmful UV light, and prolong the shelf-life. I want my products to arrive as fresh as possible, and stay fresh as long as possible without artificial preservatives!

My Deodorant is another product that will soon be getting an update. I am currently sending it out in glass or aluminum jars, but hope to have twist-up or cardboard applicators before July. I am also working on getting some small sample size applicators so that you guys can try it before purchasing the full size.

My Lip Tint is finally up! I have been using it for almost a month, and just forgot to put it on my page... whoops. My very sweet mother has also been testing a Vitamin C Eye Serum for the past two months that she is urging me to get up and for sale as well. The serum is for puffiness, and helps brighten and smooth the under eye. It is not so much for wrinkle treatment, but I do have and Evening Primrose Eye Serum for that. I saw some very chic roll on applicators with a steel ball that I think would be perfect, but need to research the type of plastic they are made of some more.

I am still seeking donations to help me get my booth at the Metaphysical and Spiritual event in June. Please visit my facebook page for more info. Facebook.com/BearsBeautyHemp

All my Vegan friends will be happy to hear that I have a vegan flower wax on the way for my lip balms and potions, and will soon be offering TOTALLY VEGAN options for all my products containing Beeswax.

Off to do some mixing :) Stay green and beautiful ! - Bear


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